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Appointment of Mrs Nasim Azad to the Committee board

Posted on: 08 May 2017


Annandale Mosque is honoured to appoint Mrs Azad as a committee member. She is the first female to be appointed. We hope with this appointment, we can further diversify our committee representation. On becoming a committee member both the Mosque and Nasim have made history in that Annandale is the first Mosque in Edinburgh to have a female Committee member. Nasim said, 'I am incredibly honoured tobe an integral part of this particular Mosque as I took my first class with Annandale in the mid 80s, since then I've been a patron here. I'm extremely positive this appointment will allow the Mosque and myself to work together in bringing a greater understanding of Islam to the wider community and at the same time to work with other organisations so that real community cohesion can take place at all levels to enhance the lives of those around us insha'Allah.'

Mrs Nasim Azad is originally from England and is of Pakistani origin. She has been in Edinburgh for over 30 years. Her work background has been health education, she then married and settled happily to raise her 3 children. As her children grew older she had time on her hands and this led her to become a community activist which began as she a co-founded Beyond the Veil, a Muslim Women's group based in Edinburgh. Through this she, and her group members, have worked extensively with schools, Police and many other community and statutory organisations in relaying accurate information on Islam, especially that of Muslim women. She's spoken at countless events on a range of topics including women's rights, forced marriages, highlighting the importance of tackling Islamophobia and much more. 

She has been bold and highlighted issues around abuse specifically sexual abuse within the ethnic minority communities, speaking openly at community events, Mosque's and at an event at the Parliament. 

Her love for interfaith work is a high priority attending many events to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of the faiths around her, at the same time sharing her own faith with pride. She has recently been appoointed Co-convenor of the Edinburgh Interfaith Association. 

Recently Mrs Azad has taken up employment with the Council of British Pakistanis (Scotland) where she works alongside Mr Mohammed Akram, President of CBP(S), amongst immigration, the organisation is there for the community to access help, be it racist issues, workplace matters and many more as deemed appropriate by the Pakistani community at large. Nasim also works part time at Bright Choices, a project of Sacro, which is an organisation that helps men, women, children, families and communities who experience difficult relationships. Bright Choices is there for the ethnic minority communities to offer practical and emotional support to help build confidence.

On a personal note she loves to be involved with as many charities as possible to help with their fundraising be it for a Mosque or for orphans. When time allows she volunteers at the local Foodbank, runs children's activity classes, arranging events that encourage communities to embrace the spectacular green spaces we have available to us in Scotland.

Nasim says she is constantly asked "why do you do all this, what is that driving force" she answers simply "my faith...who I am today, where I am today, what I do today has been due to my faith, Islam has allowed me to reach my full potential, I thank Allah swt for giving me the opportunities, a kind and compasionate heart, a whole host of friends from all backgrounds to encourage me, but most importantly a very supportive family".

Appointment of Mrs Nasim Azad to the Committee board

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